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Building wooden houses and becoming a successful building contractor does not happen overnight.
To become a successful building contractor it takes an accumulation of views supported by a strong team and a close relationship with the vendors and the subcontractors. Reputation is earned and is built in time through honesty, artistic spirit, correctness, creativity and, most importantly, dedication and passion for building wooden houses. This reputation is not taken for granted and it is earned with every house that we build.

The decisions are taken together with our clients.

Through our strong relationship with the clients and the building market, we are trying to build "TODAY" what the clients will want "TOMORROW". At ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT, we have built our business around the needs, the wishes and the dreams of our clients. Thanks to this philosophy, ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT has earned its reputation as a top company specialized in building turnkey or shell wooden houses. We are further developing our ideas in order to anticipate our clients' wishes with projects that are not just simple dwellings. We never feel satisfied so we keep on improving and increasing the quality of our works. We aim at building not only wooden houses, but also the confidence and appreciation of our clients.

ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT is aware that building a home can be a stressful experience with great emotional weight if not treated with all due attention, therefore, at ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT, we are trying to make this experience as pleasant as possible for the entire family.


For some people this dream begins with a visit to a residential district. For other people it has to do with personal goals and for others it is a childhood's wish of having a warm home to remember them of those days.

Now you will see your dream come true with ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT. Here you will find a closeness to builders that is unique, just like your dream is. We make sure that everything is exactly as you imagined it.

  1. From tailored services, starting from wooden house plans, to the attention, the quality and the comfort of your new home.
  2. The experience in the field enables us to create more than a wooden house - a home.

Quality is our top priority and it is not affected, in any way whatsoever, by the short execution time, which is a result of both the building system we use and the fact that we have got a team of professionals always at your service.


It is true, at ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT you will have the key to your dream home within 90 days. In more than 12 years of experience, the ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT team has built dozens of wooden houses, has developed unique building methods, sales techniques as well as quality and lowest cost control methods - all this without sacrificing the freedom of design or the quality of the work.

The success of every wooden house building contractor lies in our unique wall panel system combined with the packing of hard and finishing materials. The building specification is agreed upon with the client, by choosing from a variety of standard and optional materials that guarantee a long-term investment.

We suggest, you decide!