Wooden construction - not finished houses: 1300 lei/mp. gross building area

Includes: putty, materials and labour, equipments.

Contains: foundation, construction assembling, sanitary and heating installations, electrical installations, heating station, pumps and hydrophores, PVC exterior thermal insulating trim profiles and double glazed windows, interior woodworks, interior and exterior thermal insulating, roofing.

Wooden construction - finished houses: 1596 Lei/mp. gross building area

It contains fully equipped and finished building. Besides the not finished construction it also includes: finishing materials and application, respectively wall ceramic tiles, floor ceramic tiles, parquet, sanitary ware, fittings in bathrooms, exterior decorative plaster, and washable paint at interior. Optional (extra cost) electrical equipment, locks, door handles and shields to the doors.

Basements and underground floor for wooden houses: 1900 Lei/mp. gross building area

Contains works of excavation, soil transportation, slopping and coating, waterproofing, ventilation systems at internal and/or external access stairs, electrical and thermal installations, plasters and paintings. The works are executed on the site.

Terraces and balconies for wooden houses: 896 Lei/mp. gross building area

They are turn-key executed.

Garages and other structures of wood, similar additions 1399 Lei/mp. built area

They are turn-key executed and fully equipped.

Design and construction approval

Contains: the project with all phases, respective P.A.C: design for building licence (design needed in approval phase), P.T.: Technical Designs and D.D.E: Execution Details, the technical documentations in order to obtain the approvals specified in Town Planning Certificate, Building Licence.

Price: For Bucharest and county capitals 6% of the estimated value of construction.

The payments are made on works stages

stage I : design - full payment at contract signing (execution time: 21 working days)

stage II : 45 % advance of construction value and contains: foundation + assembling kit (execution time: 30 working days)

stage III : 40 % advance of construction value and contains: exterior and interior closings, thermal, sanitary and electrical installations (execution time: 30 working days)

stage IV : 15% advance of construction value and contains: interior and exterior finishing (execution time: 30 working days)

All prices are expressed in RON (new lei) and include VAT