ECO TRADITIONAL CONSTRUCT has got a unique process when it comes to building wooden houses. We aim at excellence, quality and most importantly customer satisfaction.
We want you to enjoy the experience of building with calm and no stress, which is why we have highlighted these 10 steps in the building of a wooden house.
There is a lot going on behind the scenes before we start the actual building of your dream house.
First of all, together we select the plan of the house to meet your practical needs.
Secondly, the building approvals required must be obtained:

  1. Planning certificate
  2. Approvals required in the planning certificate
  3. Building permit

Construction of a wooden house: phase 1

In order to proceed to the first phase, the soil must be prepared, all the installations must be functional and the foundation ready.
The foundations for houses of one or two levels may be continuous foundations under the wooden load bearing walls with unloading on isolated supports (a block of simple concrete foundation).

Construction of a wooden house: phase 2

The second phase is complete when all the interior and exterior walls are installed and the structure of the roof is finished.
The structure of the walls allows choosing various types of exterior and interior finishing of the building, according to client's wish, thus giving it either a rustic appearance, or a modern one.
This way various types of walls can be made, with a composition that complies with all the conditions, both from the point of view of the resistance, and that of thermal resistance, and moreover they are in perfect harmony with the architecture of the house.

The exterior walls, the prefabricated walls or the made walls are made up of the following layers: (from the outside to the inside): acrylic plaster type Baumit applied by roller; primer; fibreglass net; scraper mass; fireproof OSB plate of 18 mm; fireproof resinous wood splines of 80 x 80 mm; filling of mineral wool of 100 mm; condensation-proof foil; plasterboard panel of 12,5 mm; acrylic painting emulsion type Baumit.

Construction of a wooden house: phase 3

In the third phase, the builder has finished installing the rof, the windows and the exterior insulation.
- PVC trim profiles with double-glazed window of float glass float 6-12-4 with swinging opening (optional inwards tilting) from Rehau.

The roof :
- Bituminous tiles - Tegola
- Rainfall drainage channel
- PVC downspout (Wavim pipe systems)

Construction of a wooden house: phase 4

In order to get to this phase, the builder must finish the interior insulation, the electric, the sanitary and the thermal installation

The electric installation:
- General board with 12 circuits with automatic fuses
- Circuits with grounding for the bathrooms/ kitchens/ garages' outlets
- Copper conductor inside flexible fireproof PVC protection
- Switches/ twisters/ import outlets
- Optional 380v energy supply

Sanitary installations:
- Water supply: high-density polypropylene pipe fused by poly-fusion (Tigris - Wavin pipe systems)
- drains: fireproof PVC pipe with a radial seal system (Wavin pipe systems)
- sanitary objects Mondial - Lugoj
- safety valves from Italy
- Buffer 500 or 1000l Wavin pipe systems
- Hydrophore from Italia

Thermal installations:
- high-density polypropylene pipe fused by poly-fusion (Tigris - Wavin pipe systems)
- steel radiators from import
- autonomous heating system Ferolli
- optional heating system in the floor.

Construction of a wooden house: phase 5

The builder will begin the exterior insulation works and the specific plasters, as well the closure of the interior walls. Internal panelling made ??of Rigips system with mineral wool insulation of 75mm thick (for areas subject to water and vapours will be used gypsum plate Rigips type RBI with high water resistance).

Construction of a wooden house: phase 6

The stage 6 is complete when the interior doors are assembled and the stairs are applied, the walls are prepared for interior painting
- Finishing with washable acrylic Baumit emulsion
- Resinous wood interior staircase
- Cellular interior doors

Construction of a wooden house: phase 7

To reach this stage, the last finishing will be made at the sanitary, electrical and heating systems, and the next procedure will be that of the application of parquet/floor ceramic tiles/wall ceramic tiles:
- All the floor surfaces will be levelled with Baumit-living self levelling screed
- Laminated parquet
- Carpet - bedrooms
- Floor ceramic tiles- bathrooms/kitchens/access halls
- Polished screed - garages

Construction of a wooden house: phase 8

During stage 8, the Designer, State Inspectorate in Construction and the Constructor will make a quality inspection of the house and will prepare the minutes of the finished works.

Construction of a wooden house: phase 9

We are ready to give you the key of your dream' home.